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Nails do Not Breath!

They have no way to absorb air, therefore having an enhancement on top of them is not hurting them. Taking a break is not necessary to let them breath because they do NOT breath.

Improper use of the drill will cause deep ridges. if you have deep ridges in your nails, it because the person who was using the drill used it improperly. You should never have deep ridges left from the drill. Only a 180 grit should be used on the nail to remove the SHINE. Your nails should not be thinned out in order for enhancements to be placed on. Only the shine is to be removed so that the enhancement will adhere.

We at Pamela's Nail Boutique & Salon believe in keeping our implements sanitized. Our implements such as our clippers, nail nippers, and cuticle pushers are ALWAYS found in our sanitizers. What I use on my customers, I use on myself therefore keeping me accountable to keeping my implements clean. NO ONE has ever gotten a fungus from my shop due to unsantizied implements. Our Pedicure station is also cleaned and bleached after each use.

Ingrown Toenails

Wanna know why you keep getting those ingrown toe nails? It's because you are rounding the corners. When you round the corners, you are actually causing the problems. they get hooks that as they grow out, dig into your skin causing an ingrown nail and sometimes even causing an infection.
If you will let them grow out and file them straight across, 99% of the time you will never get an ingrown toe nail again.
When they stat growing out and they start bothering you, take the pointed end of a cuticle pusher and clean out from under the nails. This will relieve the pressure.

Shallac Facts

Pamela's Nail Boutique & Salon offers Shellac Manicures & Shellac Fills!
For up to 14 days of flawless and chip resistant Manicure, book your Shellac
Manicure today!
 If you are among the millions of women who hate when they ruin their freshly painted nails before they get the chance to dry, or are sick and tired of nail polish that starts chipping away just days after having a manicure, then the Shellac manicure is custom made for you.

Sure, the Shellac manicure will cost a little more, but when you factor in that your nails will look perfectly manicured and polished for 2 weeks, well then, that extra expense just doesn't seem to matter much. Besides, since it lasts longer, the Shellac manicure actually isn't any more expensive in the long run.

In addition, we are one of the very few salons that offer fills on our shellac. If you would like the benefit of having a manicure that will last up to two weeks, the added strength to your nails and also the least amount of stress to your nails, consider getting a shellac fill. ​​You can either stay with the same color or go with another color that will cover. This not only saves the nails, has even less stress on the nails but it is also half of cost of a shellac manicure. But in order to go from a darker color to a lighter, you would have to soak the color off and do another shellac manicure.

For a list of my prices, please visit my 'nail prices' page.​
Nail Facts
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